“Lost” gets a gay character … or gets back one, anyway


****If you haven’t watched last night’s episode, SPOILERS follow…****

Yes, after four seasons and countless plot twists (including one pink herring) it was revealed last night that one of the show’s 4,397 characters is a gay homosexual.

Last night’s episode was mostly about Michael, and how he was dealing with the guilt from doing ABC’s dirty work for them in culling a few of the cast’s DWIs. But amidst that intrigue, we also learned that Tom Friendly, one of the … er, friendlier … Others, is an out gay man. There had been hints to Tom’s gayness previously (he had mentioned that Kate "wasn’t his type" once before) but this is the first concrete evidence.

We also learn that Mr. Friendly (played by M.C. Gainey) makes it off the island and tracks down Michael in Manhattan, and has at least found time to clean up and pick up a dapper boytoy named Arturo. He gives a suicidal Michael a beat-down and then breaks the news to him that the island won’t let him kill himself. Michael learns that the wreckage of the flight has been found and goes to Tom’s hotel room, where Tom asks Arturo to excuse them. They share a quick corner-mouth-peck and Tom gives Michael a look that says, "one word and I’ll kick your ass again." He tells Michael that he doesn’t make it to the mainland too often and when he does he likes to indulge himself.

Tom gives Michael a chance to redeem himself by going undercover on a freighter that has found the coordinates to the island and killing everyone onboard. Sounds like Old Testament redemption to me!

So what’d folks think? Did everyone assume that Tom was already dead, and were you surprised to see him pop up as a wealthy gay man pulling the strings?

Writer-filmmaker Brian Juergens launched CampBlood.org, the world's first website devoted to horror films from a gay perspective, in 2003.