Louis Tomlinson Discusses Rumored Romance With Harry Styles

The solo singer also reveals his drag name!

Louis Tomlinson has addressed persistent rumors that he and Harry Styles are secretly in love.

Used by shippers for years in One Direction fan fiction, “Larry” or “Larry Stylinson” refer to the fictionalized gay relationship between the former 1D bandmates. Promoting his new hit solo single, “Back to You,” Tomlinson, who’s currently dating girlfriend Eleanor Calder and has a son from a previous relationship, discussed the “Larry” conspiracy during a recent video interview.

“I’ve never actually been asked about it directly,” he told Bizarre. “It’s a funny thing. I mean, look, people can believe what they want to believe, but I just think it comes across sometimes a little bit disrespectful to the ones that I love, like Eleanor… So I think it’s just one of these things that people just love to buy into, but in reality, obviously there’s no truth to it, obviously.” Obviously.

As a bonus, British drag queen Betty Bottom Dollar later asked Tomlinson what his drag name would be. “I suppose I’ve never really thought about it,” he replied. “Tommo Top Dollar, maybe?”

Just leaving that right there.

Although he may not have addressed “Larry” before in an interview setting, Tomlinson did respond to the rumor in 2012, tweeting, “Larry is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard. I’m happy why can’t you accept that.”

Tomlinson also once tweeted at an Independent reporter who suggested his Apple T-shirt signified his support of gay CEO Tim Cook. “I am in fact straight,” he wrote. Just last year, Tomlinson reportedly blocked his Instagram followers from using the word “Larry” in their photo comments.

Although Tomlinson once said he would “snog all of the guys” in 1D, Styles has been much more playful when it comes to gay-baiting fans. Styles told GQ that he’s “pretty sure” he’s not bisexual, but he also said it’s “not that important” for his significant other to be female. Regarding sex with a man, he once told bandmate Niall Horan, “Don’t knock it till you try it.”

Watch Tomlinson in the hot seat below.


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