Louis York’s “Hipsters” Is An Anti-Bullying Anthem For Misfits

The duo spreads a message of self-acceptance in their colorful new music video.

“I’m all alone and it’s alright,” sings genre-defying duo Louis York on their latest single. “Let the hipsters be hipsters, and let me be me tonight.”

Featured on their new EP, Masterpiece Theater: Act II, “Hipsters,” according to a press release, “addresses individuality, bullying, and self-acceptance.”

Louis York is comprised of Chuck Harmony and Claude Kelly, Grammy-nominated producers and songwriters who’ve had successful collaborations with artists like Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus, and Britney Spears. Harmony and Kelly got out of the hit-making game in 2014 to focus on their own music.

Louis York

The duo’s indie record label, which Harmony and Kelly co-founded, is fittingly called Weirdo Workshop. “As a self-proclaimed ‘weirdo,’ we wanted to create a song that the fans could relate to as well as address a topic as serious as bullying,” Kelly says. “As artists, I think it’s also part of our responsibility to educate the public.”

“Won’t try to be something that I’m not to make you happy,” Louis York sings. “So save your talking and all your pressuring me to conform. Because that would make us too alike, and I really hate the norm.”

In keeping with Louis York’s DGAF vibe, the new “Hipsters” music video features the guys rocking some bold looks—with rainbow-colored confetti to match, natch.

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