Louisiana Governor Gets The Message, Plans To Rescind “Religious Liberty” Order

Governor Edwards' Press Secretary announced the "revocation is in the drafting stage."

Shauna Sanford, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards’ press secretary, announced yesterday that an executive order signed by former Governor Bobby Jindal would be revoked. The order allowed businesses and agencies to refuse service to members of the LGBT community as a way of maintaining their “religious beliefs.”

The bill was drawn up by Rep. Mike Johnson last year, who worked with Jindal on a series of amendments following backlash. However, none of these changes addressed any of the concerns about discrimination against same-sex couples, despite Jindal’s insistence that the bill was not about discrimination.

The announcement follows the rejection of a similar “religious liberty” law in Georgia by Governor Nathan Deal. That bill was met with outrage, particularly from Disney who threatened to pull their business out of the state if the bill was signed into law. According to Deadline, both Louisiana and Georgia are some of the country’s top film-producing states and offer appealing tax incentives.

“Governor Edwards will issue the executive order, but it is in the drafting stage… As far as Jindal’s religious liberty order, the governor intends to rescind it in the near future,” Sanford announced.

Though Edwards has been promising to rescind the bill since before his inauguration, none of his perviously signed executive orders have actually solved the problem. Meanwhile in North Carolina, similar anti-LGBT legislation was passed just last week by Governor Pat McCroy, and is already facing opposition.

h/t: Deadline

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