Love Always: Lynda Carter

Presenting “Love Always,” a recurring feature in which we pay tribute to the women who helped shape our views on pop culture.

This time we pay a 63rd birthday tribute to Lynda Carter, who will always be the one true Wonder Woman (followed by Cathy Lee Crosby). It’s been 35 years since Lynda wore the satin tights, but her performance as the greatest superheroine will live forever. I think the reason why Lynda’s Wonder Woman remains the template is because of her absolute sincerity in the role. She never winked at the audience, never played it for camp (even though camp was happening all around her), and the moment she performed that iconic twirl, she truly became that character.

Since Wonder Woman ended, Lynda has gone on to an accomplished singing career, selling out venues around the world, and she still acts on TV and film (check out her terrific turn in Law & Order: SVU), and her voice can be heard in the Elder Scrolls video games.

Here are nine reasons I will Love Always Lynda Carter.

The Greatest Wonder Woman Scene

“You’re not gonna believe this, but there’s some broad on a skateboard coming after us.”

Rock And Roll Fantasy

From Lynda’s 1979 TV special Encore comes this tribute to Tina Turner, Kiss and Bette Midler.

Wonder Woman Meets Olivia Newton-John

There are no words for how fabulous this is.

Partners In Crime

This sadly short-lived NBC series only ran from September 27, 1984 – December 29, 1984, but left an indelible impression, thanks to the teaming of Lynda and Loni Anderson (when Loni Anderson’s hair was at its most Loni Anderson) as the ex-wives of a murdered private detective who decide to take over his business.

The Wonder Scuba Suit

On an episode of Sex & The City, Carrie remarked how much she liked Wonder Woman, and especially her tiara and bracelets “I loved that even her accessories had super powers.” I loved that she also had an outfit for every occasion, that she could change into with just a spin. I think my favorite was the scuba costume.


Lynda released her debut album Portrait in 1978 (she wouldn’t release another one for 30 years), and it included the lovely “Toto (Don’t It Feel Like Paradise)”


The Muppet Show


One of my most vivid memories of the iconic The Muppet Show was Lynda performing “Rubberband Man”

Her Unwavering Support

Lynda has been one of our greatest allies for decades, and has been involved in countless pride events and AIDS walks, and last year she was the Grand Marshal of the Capital Pride Parade.

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