Love for Chloe Sevigny: NYLON Magazine Pictures


I don’t know the consensus on Chloe Sevigny: I’ve only seen her in Shattered Glass and in Zodiac – not in Big Love, but I hear I should. She’s oddly beautiful, but not someone I’d expect to do loads of modeling, which seems to be her new path – hence the NYLON spread.

Her performance as a model doesn’t do it for me – she seems aware of what she’s doing, which isn’t fashion-y – but she’s a good actress, lives in New York and loves her gays, so I’m with her.


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Chloe’s even a little gay herself! But she aptly reminds us most people are. She told gay mag Genre

"I’ve had lesbian tendencies my whole life, I think most girls do. In high school, I was teased by the other kids—they called me a lesbian. I never really had full relationships, just kissy-smoochies here and there."