Justin Bieber & Lil’ Wayne Will Turn You Gay

Making kids gay through wholesome heterosexual pop

This may be the most amazing, amazing list to come around in some time. Forget the whole “Best Of…,” Love Gods [sic] Way has come up with a list of bands that will turn your child gay. Among the over 100 individuals and bands listed are Justin Bieber, Lil’ Wayne, Madonna, Lady Gaga and, for reasons that make absolutely no sense, Toby Keith. If EVER there was an artist whose music was not going to turn someone gay, that artist is Toby Keith.

Other odd choices; Rilo Kiley, Interpol, Beck, Tom Waits, Ted Nugent (I mean, really?) and, wait for it, Nickleback.

And just when you think the list could not get any more insane, the first “safe artist” listed is Cyndi Lauper. Cyndi is going to turn all of your kids gay guys.

What a pack of a**holes.

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