Lucky Charms, Banana Republic, Hanes, More Go Gay For Pride

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Every year, more and more corporations giving a knowing nod to Pride month with targeted ads and commercials. Of course these spots usually only exist in viral campaigns  or Facebook pages, so as to not upset right-wing consumers. But, hey, we’re not ones to throw shade.

Companies from Starbucks and Oreo to Mastercard and Marriott posted messages of support for the SCOTUS rulings but yesterday San Francisco-based Banana Republic posted a cheeky equality photo on its Facebook page (above). The retailer also invited all couples—same-sex and opposite—to submit photos for a chance to get a free wedding wardrobe.  What, no love for us single ladies?

During Sunday’s game against the Chicago Cubs, the Seattle Mariners will fly the rainbow flag—the first time a Major League Baseball team has officially hoisted the Pride banner. “We’re thrilled to have so much community support in Seattle and greatly appreciate the leadership from the Mariners in promoting equality and acceptance in professional sports,” said Seattle Out & Proud’s Adam McRoberts.

Possibly the most interesting addition to the rainbow squad is a cereal that actually has rainbows in it: Lucky Charms has just launched “#LuckyToBe,” a website subtly celebrating Pride. Users can blast messages from their social-media feeds with items meant to honor “The beautiful ones. The colorful ones. The lucky ones.” Not necessarily the gay ones, though. Get back to us when Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 3.49.54 PMLucky the Leprechaun comes out and marries the Trix rabbit.

Hanes Underwear has gotten in the act, with a Facebook photo of its undies in a rainbow of colors on a clothesline. We’re not so sure including a yellow pair was a wise call, but whatevs.

If you live in a gayborhood and use Chase Bank, you might have noticed a special LGBT greeting at the ATM this month.

bud light

Bud Light also celebrated yesterday’s historic victories for marriage equality on Facebook. (It took us a second to get it, but it’s very cute.)

An Expedia commercial about a father’s journey to accepting his lesbian daughter—and eventually attending her wedding—was originally just aired online. But the spot is now airing on Logo, as well as CNN, the History Channel, MSNBC and the National Geographic Channel.

This week, Facebook added an “I’m feeling proud” emoji to its status bar and snoody mustard brand Grey Poupon released its first pro-LGBT advertisement.

And just in time for Pride weekend, YouTube is dedicating its Spotlight channel to the gay community and launching #ProudToLove, a series of LGBT-specific clips. You’re gonna be on there anyway, so check them out.

YouTube’s Raymond Braun said of the initiative: “We’re really excited to be celebrating pride on YouTube.  We launched a campaign to showcase all the amazing ways LGBT content creators are expressing them selves, building a community and creating awesome entertainment and content on Y0uTube.”

You can check out Bree Essrig, Alec Mapa, Whitney Mixter, Dave Rubin, Hannah Hart and Johnny McGovern at their Young Turks event below.