Luke Evans Competes With Beauty Of Santorini, Darren Criss Is Dismal, Kesha Officiates Another Gay Wedding: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Colton Haynes hits fashion shows, "Queer As Folk" reunion of Robert Gant and Peter Paige, Jason Momoa goes skateboarding shirtless

Please, you can see that on any bench in NYC

I mean, you feel me right? #AdventuresFromDismaland

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The dance is all the rage in 2389

Dancing in the streets like a proper time master….tick tick tick Boom

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What are they wearing?

Front row rebels ? @vfiles show

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See, Mr. Robot wasn’t all gloom

Since there's no #MrRobot tonight, I thought I'd give you guys this gem instead. #RamiMalek #ChristainSlater #fsociety

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It’s good to see the boys still get together after all these years

That’s one way to look bigger without hitting the gym

Robbie makes the transition between athlete and fashion model effortless

Does this mean that once the mold is done, we can order our own life size Ryan Kelley doll? You know, for carpooling

I’m fine with gratuitous, Dan

I don’t know which is more beautiful, Luke or the location

They’re going to need a lot more than Judy’s wisdom

Home to New Zealand and you’re wearing those instead of your Speedo?

She may have made her name being a hot mess, but she’s always had our backs

The wind?

Jack always hangs out with the fun people

There’s our Something Like Summer couple

Charlie Hunnam looks hot on the cover of V

Emmy Award winning @midnight gives a good history lesson for Kim Davis

He’s like a big, hunky kid

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