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Lush Cosmetics Holiday Campaign Bubbles With “Drag Race” Queens

Kim Chi, Detox, and Shea Couleé wish you a “Happy DRAGmas.”

Soak it up, henny!

Kim Chi, Detox, and Shea Couleé are living a festive self-care fantasy in a new campaign for Lush Cosmetics’ 2018 Christmas collection.

The RuPaul’s Drag Race faves crafted their own looks and wardrobe inspired by the ethical beauty brand’s seasonal vegan line of limited-edition bath bombs, melts, bubble bars, body lotions, and shower gels.

Lush Cosmetics

“There’s a lot of fun vibrant colors, and I tried to mix a lot of prints, textures and colors,” says Kim Chi in a statement. “So a quilted masterpiece is what I’m serving you.”

Lush Cosmetics

“My look is a little vintage and nostalgic,” Detox says. “Kind of like ’50s glamour housewife, hosting a holiday party… with Lush product.”

Lush Cosmetics

“I wanted a look inspired by ’50s negligees and nightwear that references those ’50s silhouettes, but with a little bit of whimsy in there,” says Shea Couleé, “all out of repurposed materials.”

The “Happy DRAGmas” product displays will be up through December 6 at 250 Lush locations across North America.

Promoting the partnership with in-store meet-and-greets, Kim Chi appears November 9 at Lush Century City in Los Angeles, Detox appears November 17 at Lush Union Square in New York, and Shea Couleé appears November 30 at Lush Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

Watch these three queens baring gifts below.

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