Lush Launches “Sign Of Love” Campaign To Draw Attention To Russia Anti-Gay Laws


Lush, the organic soap and cosmetics company, is tackling anti-LGBT bias in Russia with its new Valentine’s Day campaign, “Sign of Love,” which launched today.

Lush stores will feature signs proclaiming “We believe in Love” and staff will encourage customers to paint pink triangles on their bodies in solidarity with Russia’s LGBT community.

The strategy is to keep the spotlight on the issue as we approach the Winter Olympics in Sochi on February 7.

“Valentine’s Day is the perfect to time to stand up [for] everyone’s right for love. No country, company, or individual can stop love; all they can do is punish people for that love,” said Tamsin Omond, head of Lush campaigns. “To do so – to forbid or criminalise love – is unnatural and cruel, so I am proud that we are standing in solidarity with LGBTQ people and campaigning for equal love.”

The company has 63 locations across the former Soviet Union. It’s unclear if participants there would be in violation of the country’s ban on gay “propaganda.”

Lush is inviting people to paint themselves with “Sign of Love” pink triangles (using pink lipstick) and post photos on Pinterest or use #SignofLove  on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The company will gather the images into photo-petition books it will send to Russian embassies worldwide on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

h.t: The Independent

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