Lynda Carter Thinks RuPaul Is “Just So Fabulous.” Well, Duh!

Lynda Carter RuPaulLynda Carter was the guest judge in this week’s episode of GSN’s Skin Wars, and television’s Wonder Woman admitted she said yes to the gig mainly because she’s a big fan of RuPaul, one of the show’s regular judges.

“Well, I got a call from the people at Skin Wars, and actually, it was from RuPaul, who asked for me, and I had been hearing about the tremendous artistry that was going on in the show,” Carter told Nerdist. “And I just adore RuPaul… this guy is a tireless worker, just with everything that he does, and I just think he’s so fabulous. I love being with him.”

In the interview, Carter was also asked whether she realized back in the day that she had a huge gay fan base.

No I didn’t know, not at all. You are pretty well cocooned when you’re on a set all the time making a show like that. So I didn’t know, but I was thrilled when I found out!

You know I was a huge fan of Bette Midler, and I started off as a singer way back, and I know she started singing in the bathhouses in New York City, doing her show, mostly entertaining for gay guys.. And I always thought “maybe that’s the key!” [laughs]

Well, duh!