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Macklemore Just Bought A Nude Painting Of Justin Bieber

And it features the pop star balancing a pancake on his boner.

A lot of people liked what they saw when naked images of Justin Bieber surfaced on the internet last year, but was Macklemore one of the pop star’s admirers?

Based on the painting the rapper just bought – a nude portrait of Biebs “with maple syrup pouring down his chest onto a pancake balanced on his boner” — it looks like the answer is yes.

In a recent profile in Rolling Stone, Ryan Lewis gave a tour of the duo’s Seattle recording studio and revealed the painting, which is displayed next to a velvet painting of a bald eagle and an oil painting of a dancing Drake.


Macklemore bought the painting off Etsy from an artist who was presumably inspired by a tweet from Justin Bieber from 2010.

“Im thinking pancakes for breakfast…with some nice maple syrup,” he tweeted. “Who doesnt love maple syrup? I love maple syrup…”

Devastatingly, the painting has already sold out online, but you can still click here to check out some of the artist’s other work.

h/t: Complex

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