Macklemore & Lewis Hit #1 Again, Darren Criss Wants To Be a Jedi, C-IN2 Goes Bisexual

Plus Now You See Me is magical, Nick Lachey doesn’t miss being married to a Simpson, and Macklemore opens up about the gays in his life

We have a Days of Our Lives liveblog today for all your WilSon action.Meredith Baxter Patty Duke

Meredith Baxter says that Chris Colfer and Darren Criss “were absolutely darling.” She also says that she’s not doing it to make a social statement. “I’m on Glee, I don’t have to make a social statement. It’s done. They are doing their jobs right there and just by being able to talk about how far we’ve come and being an example of that to these young boys, that’s a social statement and you don’t have to walk with a limp or have a squinty eye to show, ’Oh, I’m gay. That’ll set me apart.’ People are just gay. It’s a sense of normalcy: ’Oh, look they’re just a couple. They’re just people, like everybody else.’”

Do you know how Sesame Street got its name?

Robert RedfordDid Robert Redford let the true nature of his character in Captain America: The Winter Soldier slip? Can Marvel, famous for secrecy, really throw a fit with Robert Redford over a leak? I mean, he’s Robert Redford!

In an effort to solidify support for marriage equality in Minnesota, advocates are tweaking the bill a bit to explicitly call it “civil marriage” as if the government has any rights in any other kind of marriage.

This 105-year-old woman credits eating bacon every day of her life with her longevity. It’s a tasty strategy worth trying!

Game of Thrones star Richard Madden, who plays Robb Stark, has been cast as the Prince in Disney’s upcoming live action Cinderella movie, which also star Cate Blanchett as the wicked stepmother and Lily James in the title role.Richard Madden

The United States Conference of Bishops is urging their flock to pray that the Supreme Court rules against equality. I think this makes Jesus sad.

Maryland is set to end providing domestic partner benefits for state workers now that marriage equality has come to the state. Expected to affect only 300 people, the governor says they can’t have two standards for benefits for gay couples and one for straight couples without risking a lawsuit.

The Healthy Penis campaign is back!

A recent study says that the Best Little Boy In the World hypothesis is true – if you’re driven into the closet to conform to the world around you, you’re likely to become an overachiever in academics and sports by deflecting attention on awards and status, be it in school or their careers. I certainly see something of that in my youth, and oddly about the time I came out I became less interested in material success and more interested in exploring the world around me. I’m poorer at the bank, but richer in every other way.

Macklemore Ryan LewisMacklemore & Lewis have another #1 song, with “Can’t Hold Us Back” taking the top spot, while “Thrift Shop” remains at #6. I have to say, I think I sold Macklemore & Lewis short. I bought the album and listened to it as a whole, and it’s more brilliant than a few singles would have you believe. It’s raw and real while still making you bounce in your seat. I think “Can’t Hold Us Back” will end up being the Song of the Summer this year.

Speaking of Macklemore, he’s profiled in Out this month, and talks about writing “Same Love.” He says he tried writing a gay rights song from the perspective of a bullied kid, but it didn’t work, and Ryan Lewis insisted he be more personal. “Growing up with a gay uncle and having him be a huge part of our family — I don’t think my parents’ outlook would be the same if it weren’t for him. He’s had a strong influence on us throughout the years. Where I grew up, there were huge gay pride parades less than a mile away from me. My dad’s best friend was gay. My barber was gay. My uncles owned this restaurant that was a huge magnet for the gay community. My whole upbringing was around gay people.”Darren Criss

Despite what you were taught in school and by conventional wisdom, glass is not a liquid.

In 16 Questions with Darren Criss, we learn he’d rather be a Jedi than a Transformer, that he prefers penguins to giraffes, but it’s his choice of who he would serenade if he could serenade anyone that will likely raise some eyebrows.

The most popular profile header on Grindr in 49 states is “Hey guys.” In Connecticut it’s “Looking for a top.” Make of that what you will.

Chris Kluwe has great perspective on his life, which admittedly is going through some changes. “I love football, I love playing football but at the end of the day, it is a children’s game that grown men play. If I can speak out on something, especially something that affects millions of lives and causes young kids to kill themselves – if I can speak out on that and help one of those young kids realize that you don’t have to take that step, to me that’s worth far more than anything that I could gain from football. I think all that we’re asking and all that any Sir Michael Cainathlete is asking, straight or gay, is judge that person by what they can do on the field. Not by who they are, not by what their beliefs are or the color of their skin. Judge them by their playing abilities.”

Sir Michael Cain says that when he told his father he was joining the theater, his dad thought he was gay, because everyone in the theater was gay then. “When I came out of the army I was very suntanned and built a bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger. When I walked in to be assistant stage manager, I realised the entire theatre company was gay. So they hired me instantly.”

Tuc Watkins appears over at ET with his incredibly adorable babies, and addresses why he only just now came out. “Here’s the deal, some actors are genuinely private people. When straight actors are private, it’s perceived as having integrity. When gay actors are private, it’s perceived as shame. It’s a double standard, but I’m just so excited to be a dad, I really couldn’t help but want to talk about that.”

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Simon Pegg’s The World’s End has Pegg and friends going back the scene of their shame as youths to drink and carouse, but quickly find that things aren’t what they seem, and the people of this small town aren’t at all welcoming, and might not even be people. Expect the standard chaos we’ve come to expect from Shaun of the Dead.

In the latest episode of NewNowNext’s Ask the Sexpert, Conner Habib welcomes Hunter and Cole Maverick to discuss navigating an open relationship. The Mavericks might be kings of the open relationship, since they have been together 15 years, and screw other guys on camera for a living. Maybe it’s not the most realistic model to follow, but they have some good points about what could make a more conventional open relationship work. And yes, it’s NSFW.

Politifact recently rated the statement that you could be fired in 29 states for being gay as “half true” which is rich coming from a fact checking organization. They decided that while it was true that you could be fired for being gay in over half the country, since the federal government and some private companies have policies against it for their employees, it couldn’t be considered completely true. That set Rachel Maddow off on a rant of epic proportions that you just need to watch to believe.

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Speaking of ridiculous things that are factually challenged, The Thaw has kids claiming that religion is being outlawed in the public square, and specifically the public schools. The teleprompter reading is the first thing that’s hilarious, but each statement is more outrageous than the last from people who don’t even begin to understand their privilege. I always get uncomfortable putting kids up for mockery, but when it’s something like this, I’m really mocking the adults that want to know why the Bible can’t be taught in history class, not the poor kids being forced to read it on camera.

Most underwear ads target the gay market, like Andrew Christian, or the straight market, like 2(x)ist has begun to do to laughable effect. But C-IN2 has taken a different route, and targeted an underserved market, the bisexual. It’s refreshing, and very sexy. I don’t own any C-IN2 underwear (I’m more of a Calvin Klein/Andrew Christian guy), but I’m more likely to support them for taking a new route. Plus I really want those blue workout shorts.

I still don’t completely understand how the magician heist movie Now You See Me is going to work, since the magical robberies seem so far out there it would require true magic to work. In the first four minutes of the movie, we see the magicians performing their original tricks, which don’t seem up to robbing banks around the world.

I honestly can’t remember if I ran The Right Time already. It feels familiar and the video isn’t new, but when I watched one character struggle to tell his friend that he was gay over and over again, something tugged at my heart, and decided that it deserved another look.

In what has to be one of the most aggressive stabs at a celebrity family I’ve seen on television, Andy Cohen asks Nick Lachey what the best thing is about not having Joe Simpson as a father in law is, and Nick’s answer is a tabloid’s dream.

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