Madonna Banned From Theater Chain For Texting During Movie


Madonna can usually do whatever she wants, but one Texas-based movie-theater chain has closed its doors to the Material Matriarch after she refused to stop texting during a film screening.

Madge, we love you more than our iPad but we’re siding with the theater on this one. Texting during a movie is a dealbreaker, lady.

During the New York Film Festival premiere of 12 Years A Slave last week, Madonna was reportedly texting up a storm and told someone who asked her to stop, “It’s for business, enslaver!”

Is that what #secretproject was about?

Flm critic Charles Taylor posted details about the alleged incident:

Tonight at the New York Film Festival premiere of ’12 Years A Slave’ (a masterpiece, by the way), I sat behind the unholy trifecta of Jason Ritter, J. Alexander from ’America’s Next Top Model,’ and Michael K. Williams from ’The Wire.’ Plus, a mysterious blonde in black lace gloves who wouldn’t stop texting on her Blackberry throughout the first half of the movie.

Eventually, a woman next to me tapped her on the shoulder and told her to put her phone away, and the blonde hissed back, ’It’s for business… ENSLAVER!’ I turned to the shoulder tapper and loudly said, ’THANKS!’ and gave her a thumbs up. The rest of the movie, I kept thinking about how I wanted to tell the blonde what a disgrace she was.

During the standing ovation, the blonde ducked out and Jason Ritter turned around to make commiserating eye contact, as J. Alexander asked, ’Who WAS that?!’ Jason then looked down at the floor. His eyes got wide, and he picked up an envelope and showed it to us and J. And it said: ’2 screening tix MADONNA.’

And sure enough, we looked to the side of the theater and standing against the wall in black lace gloves was Madonna. The worst person in America.

At any rate, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema CEO Tim League got wind of the story and, in line with his chain’s hard line against rude theater behavior, banned Madonna until she “apologizes to movie fans.”

For texting and not for Swept Away? That seems wrong-headed.

Initially League, who called Madonna “unbearably rude,” said his text was more of “offhand joke… to get the issue out there,” that texting during a film is rude. “But now that it seems to have taken hold, sure, I’m going to enforce it.”

League added, though, “I don’t think it really affects her life that much.”

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