Madonna Being Wooed For “Valley Of The Dolls” Remake


Madonna is one of our favorite pop icons, but her forays into the movie world have been a little, well, hit or miss. That’s not dissuading producers from trying to get her to commit to a remake of Valley of the Dolls, though, in the role of aging Broadway diva Helen Lawson.


Susan Hayward as Helen Lawson in the original “Valley of the Dolls”

It’s being reported 20th Century Fox is working on an updated version of Dolls that will differ in some ways from the 1966 novel by Jaqueline Susann and the 1967 film that’s a camp classic. The L.A. music business will be the focus of the film, for one, and it’ll be a darker take—penned by screenwriter Paul Rudnick (First Wives Club, In and Out).

Lawson—who sees rising talent Neelie O’Hara as a threat—was originally played by Susan Hayward. (The Oscar-winning actress stepped in when it became clear Judy Garland, who was originally cast in the role, was too far gone from drugs and alcohol.)

Who else is being bandied about for the film? How about Anne Hathaway as prim Anne Welles, Jennifer Lawrence as doomed Jennifer North and Emmy Rossum as O’ Hara, who succumbs to booze, pills and partying.

Would Madge sign on to play a crusty hag? She might be brilliant in it—or it might be another Swept Away.

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