Madonna Joins HRC’s #LoveConquersHate Campaign For Russian LGBTs: PHOTO

Madonna has joined “#LoveConquersHate”, HRC’s campaign urging the International Olympic Committee to condemn Russia’s anti-gay laws. The Material Matriarch instagrammed a photo of herself wearing HRC’s t-shirt with “Love Conquers Hate” written in Cyrillic.

“We’re creating a grassroots campaign to show solidarity with our Russian brothers and sisters and expose the heinous laws in Russia,” says HRC’s Ty Cobb, who explains that proceeds from the shirts will help on-the-ground LGBT groups in the former Soviet Union.

Other celebrities who have donned the shirts include Wentworth Miller, Jonah Hill, Fergie, Kelly Osbourne, Tim Gunn, Andy Cohen, Andrew Rannells, Ricky Martin, Kevin Bacon, Jamie Lee Curtis and Jason Collins.

You can pick up a “Love Conquers Hate” shirt online at or (very soon) at an HRC store near you. And be sure to post photos of yourself modeling the tees with the hashtag #LoveConquersHate.

Check out more celebrities sporting Love Conquers Hate shirts below

HRC - Jonah Hill[4]

Jonah Hill

amanda leigh dunn taryn manning

Amanda Leigh Dunn and Tamryn Manning

tim gunn

Tim Gunn

jeri ryan

Jeri Ryanlori lindsey Megan Rapinoe

Olympic soccer players Lori Lindsey and Megan Rapinoe

andy cohen

Andy Cohen

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