Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna & More Boycott Florida After Trayvon Martin Verdict

Madonna is not heading down South.

Madonna is not heading down South.

If you live in the Sunshine State and are looking to go see, well, any of your favorite artists, the news is not looking good. In protest of that state’s fuc*ing ridiculous controversial  “Stand Your Ground” laws, pretty much every major act in music seems to now be boycotting performing in the state.

On the bright side, we are sure Ted Nugent will be touring more than ever in support of the laws. And who rocks harder than Nugent?

Following Stevie Wonder’s announcement he would no longer be performing in Florida after the Trayvon Martin verdict came in last week, a source close to Wonder released a list of other artists who are joining him in this pact, and it is one hell of a list. The performers reportedly include:

We are sure many conservative politicians are gonna have a big old laugh about these liberal Hollywood fools and their stupid little boycott, but this is sure is going to catch the attention of younger voters. And piss of a whole lot of promoters down in Miami.

As for the two most surprising (and biggest) acts on this list, Rod Stewart and the Rolling Stones, it should be noted that England has some of the strictest gun laws in the world.

We will soon see how committed some of these acts are to this pact, or if this is entirely true, as Jay Z and Timberlake’s tour is set to stop in Miami August 16.


As much as we wanted this to be true, it looks like it ain’t true. Wah wah.