Madonna Closes Out Pride Island With Powerful Nod to Stonewall

"Fifty f*cking years, people. It's insane. Are you with me?"

Madonna has reminded us all why she is the queen.

The “Dark Ballet” diva capped off an epic weekend of festivities and celebration as the headliner for Sunday night’s Pride Island concert in New York. According to Variety, she started off her performance by speaking to the crowd about why the celebration was happening in the first place: the 1969 Stonewall Uprising.

“Fifty years, people,” she told the crowd, which consisted mostly of shirtless men. “Fifty years of freedom and fighting. Fifty years of putting up with discrimination, hatred, and ignorance. Fifty years of not bowing down to fear. I’m so proud and honored to share this historical event with you. Fifty fucking years. It’s insane. Are you with me?”

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Pride Island

Madonna also talked about how much the LGBTQ community means to her, and how queer people have always been there for her, even before she was a global superstar.

“Since I came to New York as a wee-little girl, I have always been embraced by queer nation,” she said. “I always felt like an outsider, but you made me feel like an insider, like somebody. So you must know how much I love and appreciate everyone here from the LGBTQ community.”

Madonna’s four-song set list consisted of two classic tracks, “Vogue” and “American Life,” followed by live versions of her newest singles, “God Control” and “I Rise,” giving fans a taste of what they can expect from her upcoming Madame X tour.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Pride Island

“The community called loud and clear for an appearance by Madonna at Pride Island for WorldPride and the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. I’m thrilled to report that Madonna and WorldPride NYC delivered on that call,” said Chris Frederick, NYC Pride’s executive director, back in early June. “This is going to be a night that our Pride Island guests will remember for the rest of their lives.”

And it looks like Madonna delivered on that promise.

Check out her Pride Island performance of “God Control” below.


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