Madonna & Simon Cowell Causing Baby Deaths, Claims Ridiculous “News” Story


July and August are very, very slow news months, but the Washingtonian is really stretching it with their latest story that claims babies are dying because celebs including Madonna, Simon Cowell and Cindy Crawford are using “vitamin drips,” a concentrated dose of IV nutrients and vitamins, and thus limiting the international supply and causing the death of newborns who also may need the same drip.

Say what now?

According to this story, “the manufacturer of the most-used adult and pediatric IV multivitamin informed health systems that its product—which contains B and C vitamins, among others—is now in shortage. Medical professionals say that, as a result, intravenous B and C vitamins now may be in danger of also going into shortage. In the 1990s, a multivitamin shortage led to a widespread thiamin (vitamin B-1) deficiency that caused several deaths.”

So far, they are reporting 15 babies have died because of said shortage.

Now while this shortage is of course awful, and certainly newsworthy, is there really any reason to list the few celebs you know use the same treatment just for the sake of page views? Because they would be have to using a whole lot of drips to drain an international supply.

We think not.

h/t: Jezebel