Madonna, Vice and Katy Perry’s #GayPropaganda

This past fall, VICE Media and Madonna partnered to create #ArtForFreedom, a global digital initiative committed to bringing awareness to human rights violations.

“The project encourages activism and contemplation by exhibiting artworks that speak to one defining question: What does freedom mean to you?”

As part of the project, the website was launched and features one creative work each day that “expresses a personal definition of freedom and revolution in the form of video, music, poetry, or photography.”

Each month the #ArtForFreedom project will have a guest curator and the first of such curators was none other than Katy Perry. During her January tenure several of the creative works featured on have been PSAs inspired by recent images of violence against the Russian LGBT community. Collectively tagged #GayPropaganda (in an ironic rebuke to the outrageous Russian laws which now outlaw “gay propaganda”)  these stunning works encourage others to speak out against injustice.

“May these recreations of viral images of violence against LGBT Russians act as a reminder of the harsh, constant reality behind the photographs. With the Sochi Olympics less than a week away, and the eyes of the world on Russia, it is time to BE THE ANTIDOTE TO HATE >>> #GayPropaganda”

You can check them out below…

Find out more and submit your own #GayPropaganda at