Madrid’s Subway Will Give Away Free Passes To Transgender People​ To “Promote Integration”

"Metro de Madrid intends to remain a vehicle to raise awareness against discrimination and in favor of respect for diversity."

Madrid’s metro system will distribute free travel passes to 38 transgender people living in the city in an effort promote social integration of transgender men and women throughout Spain.

“Madrid Metro considers it a priority to raise awareness among the public so as to avoid any type of discrimination and prejudice,” states Metro de Madrid’s website.

The metro’s effort comes in the wake of a string of suspected hate crimes against transgender people throughout Madrid.

The decision is a joint collaboration between the government-run transport network and the non-profit Spanish Association of Transsexuals (AET), an organization that aims “to promote the full integration into society of men and transgender women, putting in place measures to ensure their full access to health, education and information resources.”

“This is a fantastic initiative, promoting social inclusion for trans community in Madrid!” tweeted Elton John AIDS Foundation.

“Public transportation is definitely a source of anxiety for trans people,” actress Trace Lysette tells us. “Your safety can be compromised in a split second. Transphobia is rampant and when you are thrust into enclosed small spaces with people you don’t know who are ignorant it can go way left very quickly. Every trans person I know has an intense story about public transportation.”

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