“Maiden Voyage” Is The Interracial Lesbian Fairy Tale We Need

Even Ian McKellen is raving about this new children's book.

Last year, Adam Reynolds and Chaz Harris co-authored their first same-sex children’s book, Promised Land, a fairy tale about a farm boy and prince who fall in love.

The success of Promised Land inspired the duo to collaborate on a new queer storybook, Maiden Voyage.

Maiden Voyage

Co-author Jaimee Poipoi joined Reynolds and Harris for the tale, about a fisherman’s daughter and a fierce female captain as they navigate the high seas—and a burgeoning relationship.

Ru inherits a map from her father and joins the crew of the courageous Captain Freya. Setting sail to discover the map’s destination, a bond between them soon forms into love.

Pursuing them on their high seas adventure is a fierce band of pirates led by Captain Crow, bewitched by the wicked Queen Neva. As her past threatens to catch up with her, ’The Queen of Lies’ is determined to keep her dark secret from surfacing.

Not only is it a same-sex love story, but an interracial one, and the protagonists aren’t depicted as stereotypical Disney princesses, but independent, capable, young adventurers with unique styles.

Ian McKellen is among the fans of this inclusive series, posting on Facebook that “from every point of view, including artistically, it’s a beautiful book.” (Maiden Voyage’s illustrations are drawn by Christine Luiten and Bo Moore, who also worked on Promised Land.)

The full-color illustrated storybook is aimed at kids ages 5 to 10 and should be available next June, should they meet Kickstarter campaign goal of $29,000.

Trish Bendix is a Los Angeles-based writer.