Maine to Offer Gender-Neutral Licenses

Maine becomes the fourth state to offer the gender non-binary option.

Maine will begin offering gender-neutral licenses following a formal complaint.

The state’s bureau of motor vehicles announced Monday it will begin issuing stickers for IDs or licenses stating “Gender has been changed to X – Non-binary,” and will add “X” as a gender marker option printed on the front of the card itself beginning next month.

driver's license
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The decision comes after a complaint filed with the Maine Human Rights Commission by Portland attorney and Equality Maine President Zack Paakkonen, on behalf of Ian-Meredythe Dehne Lindsey, who in June of last year requested a driver’s license with a non-binary gender marker.

Dehne Lindsey was denied because of current computer system limitations, and celebrated the announcement, saying, “Words cannot adequately express the relief I feel, and how happy I am, that my ID will now reflect such an integral part of my identity and who I am.”

“This change represents the next major step towards full legal recognition of the lives of transgender Mainers. Affirming and accurate IDs help to break down significant barriers to housing, employment, and education faced by many transgender people. We’re celebrating this progress, and the visibility it brings to beloved non-binary members of our community,” Quinn Gormley, executive director of Maine TransNet, said in a statement.

Maine becomes the fourth state to offer gender-neutral licenses, following the lead of Oregon, California, and Washington. Washington, D.C. also offers the option.

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