Male Celebs Are Beat For The Gods On Sickening New “Celebrities As Drag Queens” Tumblr


Some of your favorite male celebrities are serving full fish on the latest Tumblr you need to immediately follow, Celebrities As Drag Queens.

The gag-worthy feed is even more amazing than you’d expect. The men appearing on this site aren’t just sporting cute-yet-lopsided Perfect365 looks — they are fully beat for the gods in a way that makes Coco Montrese’s bright orange glow look natural.


“I absolutely adore Rupaul’s Drag Race,” blog creator Christopher McParlan told Buzzfeed. “For some reason the thought popped into my head to see whether I could reach a similar result (to drag makeup) on Photoshop…And I happened to be not too bad at Photoshop since I’ve had it for a few years.”


On his process, McParlan said: “To make the transformations, I first get rid of all of the eyebrows/stubble. Then contour the face. Create the eye makeup. Add some eyelashes. And finally contour some more.”


If only it were this easy IRL!






Matthew Tharrett is a writer, filmmaker, and above all else, a Britney fan. He once shared a milkshake with Selena Gomez.