This Guy Had Such A Powerful Orgasm He Went Blind

Doctors suggested he popped a blood vessel while trying to keep from climaxing.

A man reported losing vision in one of his eyes after a night of wild sex caused him to orgasm too hard.

The 29-year-old told doctors that he had a night of “vigorous sexual intercourse” and woke up with an obstruction to the vision in his left eye, according to a report in the British Medical Journal.

Doctors discovered a tiny hemorrhage in his eye that was responsible for blocking part of his vision and assumed the problem occurred during orgasm.

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They surmised that the man likely performed the valsalva maneuver, meaning he held his breath and strained his ab muscles in an attempt to prevent himself from reaching climax, and the pressure that resulted caused a blood vessel to pop.

The man was diagnosed with postcoital valsalva retinopathy and the case study noted that his condition would go away on its own over time.

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