Man Found Dead in Fire Island Pool After Annual Invasion of the Pines

The victim was unresponsive when pulled from the Canteen swimming pool.

A man has died after being found unresponsive in the Canteen swimming pool in the Pines on Fire Island.

According to Long Island’s News 12, police say the 32-year-old victim was Carlos Medina of Manhattan. The incident happened around 7pm Thursday, following the annual Invasion of the Pines. Medina was “taken to Marine Bureau Headquarters then Southside Hospital where he was pronounced dead.”

Those who have attended the Invasion of the Pines know the Canteen pool deck—located behind the Canteen restaurant and the Pavilion—is where the annual crowning of the Invasion winner takes place. An elaborate red carpet runway is erected over the swimming pool with queens performing and showing off their looks for the audience crowded in and around the pool.

ABC 7 reports that an autopsy will determine Medina’s cause of death but the police do not suspect foul play. Anyone with more information is asked to contact the authorities at 631-852-6392.

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