Man Of Steel Henry Cavill On Why Superman Needs A Hairy Chest: WATCH

Were people really complaining about Superman having a hairy chest in Man of Steel? We guess we were too distracted to notice.

supermanIn an interview (above), Henry Cavill chatted up Man of Steel and why they gave Supes a chest carpet and other manly features: “It’s something that I wanted to because in the comic book Death of Superman, there’s this bit where his costume’s ripped, and he’s making the ultimate sacrifice—and he’s got this hairy chest!” Cavill added “I was like ’Okay, why is there this perception that because he’s muscly, he must have no body hair?’ And I thought why can’t we just do that, like in the comic books.”

Previous Supermen have sported a smoother look—maybe to appease though who want their action heroes more Ken Doll-like—but Cavill has a point. I mean, does red kryptonite make your chest hair fall out?