Gay Man Survives Being Thrown From Building By ISIS, Is Then Stoned To Death


A man was thrown from a building in Syria by ISIS members who accused him of having a homosexual affair. When the victim survived the fall, though, fanatics on the ground stoned him to death.

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ISIS posted images from the gruesome killing online—they depict a blindfolded man in the Tal Abyad, Syria, being read a judgement from atop a building, and then falling seven stories. Later images show that the man somehow survived the seven-story drop, only to be stoned to death in front of a crowd

This is just the latest in a string of abominable actions by ISIS: In January two men thrown from a building for allegedly being gay.

Note: The images below are graphic and may be disturbing.

The blindfolded man is read a judgement by members of ISIS in Tal Abyad, Syria.



He was then thrown from a seven-story building.



After surviving the fall, the victim was surrounded by a crowd.



He was then stoned to death.