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Manchester Lord Mayor Attacked With Homophobic Slurs At Justin Bieber Concert

Two women reportedly called the openly gay politician a "dirty f*ggot."

The lord mayor of Manchester reported that he was a victim of homophobic abuse while attending a Justin Bieber concert over the weekend.

Carl Austin-Behan, the city’s first openly gay lord mayor, said two young women, ages 16 and 21, called him a “dirty faggot” on his way into the show.

The former Mr. Gay UK said he saw the girls fighting with a ticket seller and allegedly heard one say, “I’m not paying that to see a dirty gay.”

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The nasty comment didn’t sit well with the lord mayor, so he turned around and asked them if they thought their words were appropriate.

That was when he reportedly received a litany of slurs hurled in his direction, as the girls allegedly responded, “Are you gay? Are you a dirty faggot?”

Austin-Behan said that he was mostly annoyed that the women thought the hateful speech was okay to be using, especially with so many young people at the concert, and he said that one of his goals as lord mayor is to get people to report hate crimes.

“The fact of highlighting that it’s still out there – however small it is, you still have to report it – because there are still people out there who feel it’s alright to be abusive,” he said.

“It’s important that we stand our ground and that we demand the respect we should get,” added the lord mayor, who was kicked out of the Royal Air Force in 1997 because of his sexual orientation. “It may seem trivial to some people, a bit of name-calling, but it’s highly offensive.”

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