Manila Luzon, Jiggly Caliente, Phi Phi O’Hara, Philippines Queens, Help Out After Typhoon Haiyan

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Some of our favorite Drag Race stars are Filipino, so we were especially heartbroken about Typhoon Haiyan, which devastated the Philippines last weekend—killing more than 10,000 people, doing millions in property damage and leaving man left without water or electricity. Manila Luzon, Jiggly Caliente, Phi Phi O’Hara, Ongina and Vivienne Pinay all boast Filipino heritage and are stepping up to help their homeland.

NewNowNext reached out to find out what the Drag Race stars are doing—and how we can pitch in, too.

JigglyCalienteJiggly Caliente told NewNowNext that while her family in the Philippines lives away from the devastation, ” to see my people back home go through such devastating disaster my heart breaks for them. I couldnt imagine the helplessness and pain they must be going through.

Jiggly’s encouraging readers to donate to the Red Cross’ Philippine Typhoon ReliefUNICEF and to the Filippino nonprofit ABS CBN  International relief page.  But the Season 4 star says there’s more than money you can give: “Honestly the Philippines is a very religious country so if you can find it your heart. just say a prayer for those who are going though such trying times.”

She’s also working to get a fundraiser together to get more funds together for those in need—and you can help! “I am fully donating my time and my fee to this event,” Jig tells us. “If there are anyone who would like to get involved  please feel free to message me through Facebook. Donations of a venue or any help at all—Please let me know so we can act upon it swiftly and accordingly.

phi phi o'haraSeason 4 finalist Phi Phi O’Hara has cousins, aunts and uncles back in the Philippines, all of whom are thankfully well. “It’s just hard to know I am safe here in the States and can’t get over there to help and donate my time in anyways I can,” she tells NewNowNext. “Not only do I have family there, I have a huge following there and my fans are my family. I hope and pray that they are all safe and being taken care of.”

Phi Phi has been donating to Habitat For Humanity, which is providing shelter, medicine and repair kits to thousands of victims of the typhoon. She also is encouraging fans to visit The Guardian website for an extensive list of organizations that are helping.

Vivienne Pinay“I can’t believe how many lives have been lost… I’ll be donating today and continue to send love and positivity!” Vivienne Pinay said on Facebook. She also asked fans to keep the Philippines in their prayers: “The typhoon has passed, but the recovery has just begun. My heart goes out!”

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manila luzonShe calls the Big Apple home but Manila Luzon has family in Cebu: “Thankfully I’ve heard from my mother that everyone has survived unharmed. It is scary because many people in the Philippines had to evacuate their homes because of the typhoon and communication is difficult.”

Like many of us, Manila feels powerless in the face of such devastation, but she’s bucking up to help those back home: “I feel so helpless watching the suffering on the television—I’m seeing images of people huddled under scraps of buildings for shelters and straining water through t-shirts to drink,” she says. “But Filipino-Americans are very proud of our homeland and we are coming together in full force to support everyone back in the Philippines affected by the disaster.”

She’s encouraging fans to donate to the American Red Cross or Philippines National Red Cross. “One U.S. dollar is about 43 Philippine pesos so even a little donation can add up and help those in need.”


The first Filipina queen to grace the Drag Race runway, Ongina is selling autographed photos to help raise funds, with $5 of every $7 photo going directly to the Philippines National Red Cross.


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