Protesters At Catholic College Are Praying For Manila Luzon’s Soul

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Manila Luzon is set to emcee a drag show tonight at the University of San Diego, and, like her girl Shangela before her, some people are not very happy: In fact, some at the Catholic college are so unhappy, they’re holding a prayer vigil.

That’s right, kids—there is going to be a prayer vigil for Miss Manila Luzon. Oh, and some people protesting at the entrance.

According to  Charisma News (fun name!), the problem with Manila is that she is a “professional drag queen and openly homosexual man who advocates same-sex ’marriage.'” This being so awful, some 5,000 students at USD have signed a petition opposing the drag show.

Well those kids sound like flops.

“This event affects all of us here on this campus,” says Ailsa Tirado, a USD sophomore and total drag (as in boring-as-hell, not a fun queen). “It misleads the participants, students, society and the body of Christ by telling us that cross-dressing and acting upon disordered sexual preference are in line with Catholic social teaching. That is not the truth.”

Luckily for the cool kids on campus who actually like having fun, USD vice president of student affairs Carmen Vazquez is all about the event: “The show as scheduled violates neither the university’s mission nor any university policies. The celebration of gender expression supports the Church’s teaching on the dignity of the human person and does not promote either behavior or lifestyle that is contrary to the teachings of the Church.”

Manila told NewNowNext she doesn’t have any unkind words for those who protested her performance: “As a boy raised by a Catholic Filipino mother and Lutheran father, and who went to a parochial school growing up, I’m very aware of the teachings of Christ,” La Luzon told us. “I appreciate the people directing their prayers to me—even if they don’t agree with what I do or represent. I know God will be watching us all tonight!”

Luzon added: “Besides, Jesus spent a lot of time with lepers and prostitutes—I doubt he’ll have a problem with a few boys in dresses!”

And what will Manila will be performing tonight? Vernessa Mitchell’s “This Joy,” one of Sahara Davenport’s favorite songs.

How can anyone not be just completely in love with Manila?

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