Manila Luzon Proves To Little Girl That Drag Queens Make The Best Role Models

manila luzon fusion

Earlier this year, a mommy blogger wrote that drag queens are better role models than Disney princesses. Now Manila Luzon is here to prove the point: In a recent video on Fusion, the femme Filipino took Joselyn Molina, kid host of Univision’s Sabado Gigante, for a little coloring-book kiki and lesson on runway walking.

“OMG!” proclaims queen-in-training Joselyn in the playground.  “[Manila] was so pretty. She looked different from on TV— I couldn’t even believe that it was her.”

Ouch, 10-years-old and she’s already reading for filth like a 9th grader.

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Manila told Molina to keep a positive attitude (always sage advice when attempting daytime drag) and that confidence was the key to owning the runway: “Walk with confidence, hold your head up high, put your shoulders back, and feel like you are the ruler of the world. Just strut your stuff, girl.”

manila luzon fusion

The two bonded over shoe shopping, and later Manila took her Mini-me to a drag club for an impromptu performance. “The crowd is gagging over Joselyn!” gawked Luzon. “She probably did a better job at my own song than I did!”

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You better watch out ’Nila—kids are ruthless.  Like Dorian Corey said, “Young ones are always bucking old bulls out of the way.”

You can check out the video over here.


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