Manila Luzon And Willam Live A ’90s Talk Show Fantasy In “That’s A Man, Maury”

"Make me feel whorey."

Manila Luzon might be busy being a movie star and Willam’s music group, the AAA Girls, might be blowing up, but the two have found some time in their busy schedules to release a sexy new summer jam, “That’s A Man, Maury.”


The title comes from one of Manila’s favorite phrases: “That’s a man, Maury,” referring to the classic “Man or Woman” segments from Maury Povich’s talk show.

Now the Drag Race Season Three star has turned the line into a hot new track all about her love for her man with lyrics like “he got body/he got face/he got pipe and he got cakes.”

Sounds like a keeper to us!

Aside from listing off things about her hot guy, the song also comes complete with a recreation of a ’90s talk show gender guessing segment and guest vocals from Willam! What more could you ask for?

Manila’s new song might not be a club banger like “Linda Evangelista” or “Call Me Mother” but it’s a sexy summer single all about obsession and you might find yourself hitting repeat more than once.

Relive trashy ’90s talk show segments in the music video for the track below.

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