Manila Luzon Schools Straight Boys In “What Would You Do For Shoe?”: WATCH

Cross-eyed cross-dresser Manila Luzon has been harassing regular folk on behalf of  Nine West for the past few weeks: Most recently, the Pineapple Princess of Drag Race Season 3 challenged men to walk a runway in full drag, all for the chance of winning some heels (for their girlfriends, of course).

The men played along nicely as their female counterparts gave advice on which dress to wear and what Manila Luzonkind of make-up to apply.  Luzon, not afraid to read the bashful boys, provided snarky commentary along the way: “I love the detail of the lipstick on your teeth!”

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The newly-minted Juicy Janet and Vanilla Thunder did their best strutting on the catwalk, but the real winner is (and probably always was) Manila for snagging that sweet sponsorship.

Do they pay you in shoes, girl?

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