Manolo Blahnik is a Funny Old Bag, Hates Anne Hathaway


To the Piggly-Wiggly! (Image: Interview Magazine)

Oooh, girl. Anna Wintour better watch her back because the devil wears Manolos.

Or, rather, the devil might just be Manolo. Blahnik, of course. And he doesn’t like Anne Hathaway much, either.

The shoe design genius and apparent inspiration for The Birdcage sat down for a chat with Interview magazine and it’s nothing short of fascinating. We’ll let him describe himself, though.

“I’m an old bag.”

He sums himself up this way in the March issue after complaining about a  Holiday Inn outside his office window he’d like to see imploded to smithereens for purely aesthetic reasons.

Blahnik’s fascinating chat takes you to places in the 70-year-old’s mind that are perplexingly familiar (“I’m going to stay in bed, I can’t take anymore. And so I watched the whole series of Twin Peaks”) and hilariously up-to-date (“Anne Hathaway…I mean, I don’t even remember her. What is it about her?”) while simultaneously kvetching about how today’s actors bore him to tears where they once seemed so fascinating.

He misses the Liz Taylors, it seems, and makes it clear via a train of thought that begins hilariously with an anecdote about Salma Hayek.

“I almost fainted on that girl, the tiny woman from France, no, from Mexico . . . But she’s a sweet girl, beautiful. I love that.”

He also loves Claire Danes and Julia Roberts but he just can’t seem to figure out who the hell   “Amanda Seyfried or whatever” actually is.

He’s basically Patsy Stone made real!

(via The Cut)