Marc Jacobs Is Cool With Not Paying Teen Models

Hasbrook walking in the Marc Jacobs show. Photo Credit: Getty Images

17-year-old Hailey Hasbrook kicked off her first  New York Fashion Week by walking for designers including Proenza Schouler, Theyskens’ Theory, Victoria by Victoria Beckham, and Marc Jacobs. Jacobs seemed to take a particular shine to the teenager from Oregon as he used her in his two New York shows and tried various looks on the model for 23 hours in his studio. For all this, and the time she actually walked in his two shows, she was paid nothing.

Hasbrook discussed this on her Tumblr not complaining about the fact that she received trade for her work, some outfits, shoes and a bag, but casually mentioning the fact that she was not compensated monetarily to a reader question. This because it is fairly common for models walking large New York shows to get goods rather than money. Even if they are 17 and you keep them in your studio until well after midnight, as Jacobs and his team did according to Hasbrook.

Once this story hit, Hasbrook immediately wrote she was horrified and that she loved the trade she received and loved working for Jacobs. While there is no doubt these things are all true, it is still off-putting that a teenager would work so hard and not receive any money. According to CFDA guidelines, a group who awarded Jacobs for his contributions to fashion last year, Hasbrook should not have even been working after midnight being just 17.

Perhaps most upsetting however is that Jacobs took to Twitter, or rather someone from his team did, implying their models have no right to complain. Not that Hasbrook was in fact complaining. “@elliekrupnick @HuffPostStyle @jennasauers @Jezebel models are paid in trade. If they don’t want to work w/ us, they don’t have to.”

Payment in trade, though it seems impossible to truly be “paid” in trade, may be fine for a simple fitting and the show, but for 23 hours of work until the early morning hours? How can grown men and women feel okay doing that to a teenager?

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