Fashion Face-Off: Marc Jacobs Vs. Marc By Marc Jacobs

The Lorax goes to the Kentucky Derby at Marc Jacobs. Photo Credit: Getty Images

These days most designers are juggling multiple lines and collections and some, as a result, are forced to stage more than one show come Fashion Week. So, with this in mind, we bring you Fashion Face-Off. Here we will debate the merits of a designer’s collections and try and see which came out the best. Today we have Marc Jacobs.

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Marc’s eponymous line got some of the best review of Fashion Week. The Oliver Twist meets Marie Antoinette meets Anna Piaggi collection featured giant hats, rhinestone-buckled pilgrim pumps and wool stoles that both men and women no doubt wanted to tear off the models and walk out into the cold NYC streets wearing. It was his best collection in years and proved once again why his is the most anticipated show of the week. See some of the looks above.

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For Marc’s younger label, Marc by Marc Jacobs, the designer stuck to what he generally does with the line. Pretty printed dresses, pleated skirts, booties and models in glasses who gave off an Emily the Strange vibe. As always his hipster look (and we mean that in a good way) should be a hit with every popular girl under 25. The highlight however was a pair of gorgeous oversized running shorts in blue. Ridiculous yes, but also so unique and covetable. See some of the looks above.

So what say you, which collection wins the Marc Jacobs versus Marc by Marc Jacobs face-off?