Gay Mayoral Candidate In Mississippi Found Murdered: UPDATE

McMillan (far right) with President Obama. Photo: Facebook

McMillan (far right) with President Obama. Photo: Facebook

Marco McMillan, a gay mayoral candidate in Clarksdale, Mississippi, was found dead earlier this morning according The Clarksdale Press Register. He was 34-years-old.

Little is known at the time, only that he was found on the side of the highway and authorities think it is the result of a car crash that happened Tuesday morning.

The choir director of his church, Gale Moore, knew McMillan for 30 years and told the paper, “He had been asking for more community work to do to help Clarksdale … He was a great, great man and he will be missed.

The Victory Fund tweeted the news earlier that McMillan was also openly gay.

McMillan’s family has yet to comment.


This is now being reported as a murder.

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