Margaret Cho's New Stand-Up Tour: Beautiful!


You may know that comedienne and queer icon Margaret Cho has been busy performing in her touch-risque burlesque show The Sensuous Women as of late; remember those tassels? I know you saw that video, at the very least.

As fantastic as I’m sure that show is, I’m more than excited to hear Margaret will be kicking off another stand-up/one-woman show called Beautiful starting next month!

Ticketing info after the jump…plus her special guests!


Ah, so many wonderful memories of Margaret Cho’s stand-up. … I even watched her back on Comedy Central when she wore that leather jumpsuit and talked about how her hair used to look like Blair’s from Facts of Life. Of course, she’s only gotten  better – and gayer – since then. "Fag Hags are the backbone of the gay community," after all. Oh, I can not wait for the new one!

The Beautiful tour premieres in Sydney, of all places, on February 27. The show will be a part of the 30th anniversary of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. I have a feeling that show is going to be – uh – packed. I saw Margaret back when she came to New Orleans as part of Southern Decadence, so I imagine this will be just as insane. Special guests for the show will include Liam Sullivan and Kelly (yes, "Shoes" Kelly).

As far as the title of her new tour, Miss Cho had this to say…

"A DJ once asked me, “If you woke up tomorrow and you were beautiful, what would you do?  If you were, blonde, blue-eyed, 5 foot 11 and weighed 100 pounds, what would you do?!?” Well, I probably wouldn’t get up in that case, because I’d be too weak to stand.

If that is his only idea of beauty then I feel really sorry for him.  I want everyone to feel beautiful and I want to do it with laughter. Why not feel good about ourselves?"

Oh, the stuff people have said to her … "Do you need a wok?" You go, Margaret!

Beautiful tickets will be available this Friday, Jan. 25 (American Express customers can actually snag presale tickets today). Considering I’m the One That I Want is one of my most-treasured DVDs, I need to figure out how to see this show…although it looks like she won’t be hitting up NYC for while.

Ah, well. Check out the official Beautiful tour schedule here!