7 Reasons Mariah Carey is the Greatest Crazy Celebrity Of All Time

"Like a retro moment of... gypsy WHATEVER."

Who doesn’t love it when celebrities go crazy? Whether it’s Britney or Lindsay, or even Amanda Bynes, we all just plop down on the couch with popcorn and watch the spectacle unfurl.

For me, though, there’s no one who does crazy like Mariah Carey, mainly because she’s never completely gone off the deep end and yet never completely swam to the shores of sanity.

mariah carey

Just last month, she reportedly screamed and threw a laptop out a window when fiancé James Packer dared to play a Beyoncé song.

Music and acting aside, she’s the most half-aware celebrity in existence: This is a woman who LOVES winking nods and snide one-liners, but is also seemingly oblivious to how ridiculous she can be. That’s a particularly delicious flavor of nuttiness.

Below, we share 7 reasons why Mimi is our favorite cray cray star.

  1. She once gave us a Bewitched-style alter ego named Bianca.

    The year was 1999. The video was “Heartbreaker.” Mariah wrestled with a smirking, dark-haired version of herself in a movie theater bathroom.

    Elizabeth Montgomery is giggling in heaven, because this is the closest thing our generation has seen to “mischievous cousin Serena.”

  2. She hates her left side.

    She’s basically the anti-Barbra.

    In the clip above, watch how she refuses to turn to face the interviewer.

    “I don’t feel like, ‘Oh, I have to be on this side, or I have to be on this side’” she once explained. “I really had specific things that someone told me when I was 19 starting in the business and I listened to them.”

    We bet it was Tommy Mottola.

  3. Her HSN-shilling skills are unparalleled.

    Her hilarious jokes (and non-jokes) bubble up at unpredictable intervals.

    This is why Mariah both counseled youngsters on Idol and struck fear into them.

  4. She loves MOMENTS.

    This is why we have the Internet.

  5. If she’s pissed at you, you. don’t. exist.

    mariah carey forgettful

    Sure, Patti LaBelle might throw some shade your way, but Mimi will literally erase you from the universe.

    mariah carey

    I mean, look at what she did to Jennifer Lopez. Has anyone heard from her since?

    dont know her mariah carey
  6. Her episode of Cribs is Generation Y’s only true camp masterpiece.


    Never forget Mariah’s tour of her gigantic New York home, in which she slipped out of her clothes and into a hot tub, then slipped on high heels for a jog on the elliptical, and refused to show us her (because it once belonged to Marilyn Monroe).

    The shoe closets, the outfit changes—it gets better with each viewing.

  7. She had her meltdown ON THE AIR Mariah Carey’s meltdown was public, uncomfortably loud, and also lovable. She stormed into the TRL studios with a grin on her face, offered everyone Popiscles, stripped down to gold booty shorts and muttered something about being very stressed out before being hospitalized for “exhaustion.”


    I can never forget this kooky spectacle, which is a little understandable when you remember it happened shortly after Glitter bombed in theaters.