What Is Mariah Carey Doing In This Commercial For Hostelworld?

"Even divas are believers."

Bunk beds and backpackers are just some of the things you are prepared to see when you are staying at a hostel, but something you normally don’t anticipate is running into a legendary pop diva—unless you happen to be staying at the Casa Garcia hostel in Barcelona when Mariah Carey dropped in.

In a new commercial for Hostelworld, the “Heartbreaker” singer throws the staff of the hostel into a tizzy when one of the members of her entourage accidentally books her a stay at the hostel, instead of a hotel.


When Mariah arrives, the manager of the hostel takes her on a tour of the hostel, showing the various upgraded amenities like free wi-fi and private lockers.

As if seeing Mariah interact with other travelers in a hostel wasn’t enough, the commercial ends with her being led to the hostel’s bar where she ends up performing her classic hit, “Fantasy,” all while using a fan as a wind machine and playing with a dove onstage?

Yes, a dove.

“To mine and everyone’s surprise, the hostel was fabulous! It was super clean, modern and spacious. I say give hostels a go, it could be a great choice for all you world travelers out there,” she told The Daily Mail.

This is far from the first commercial Mariah has appeared in. She made headlines in 2015 when she randomly appeared in an ad for the app, Game of War, but over the years she has also appeared in commercials for companies like Jenny Craig, Intel, and Pepsi.


“Many people still don’t realize just how much hostels have changed over the past decade. Now they’ve got all the facilities you’d expect from expensive accommodation, but with an affordable price and with a ready-made community of like-minded travelers to share experiences with,” Marek Mossakowski, the global head of brand at Hostelworld, told PR Week.

“Even people with the highest standards can become hostel believers—and divas don’t come any bigger than Mariah Carey!”


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