Mariah Carey’s Obama Song is Pretty Damn Awesome

Mariah reps for Barack

Oh, snap! Mariah Carey just broke it off for Barack Obama! Listen to “Bring It On Home,” her tribute single for our newly re-elected president:

Um… OKAY?!?! This is the best song she’s released in years. Easily her best since “We Belong Together.” It’s an old school R&B jam like something she might have recorded in the early 90s, and you know that’s a compliment, y’all. I love the sexy groove. I love the gospel back-up singers. And most importantly, I love her voice, which sounds rejuvenated. After her disappointing invisibility on her last single, it’s great to have her hollering at the front of the pack again.

Now, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Mariah’s had this song laying around for a few years. It’s not specifically about Obama. She doesn’t shout out Malia or anything. But even if I’m right, who cares? Any excuse to get a sweet hit from MC is an excuse worth making.

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Mark Blankenship and his husband cried a little after Obama won again. Mark tweets as @IAmBlankenship.