Mariah Carey Serves Up Grade-A Shade Toward Donald Trump

Mariah Carey for president!

In what can essentially be viewed as a part II to Mariah Carey’s iconic “I don’t know her” reaction meme/GIF, comes the elusive chanteuse giving proper shade at the mere mention of Donald Trump.

Looking rested (and sporting her 35-carat engagement ring!!), Carey humbly admitted that despite being “just an entertainer,” she’s a Hillary Clinton supporter.

“Of course I would love to see a woman president,” she told Sky News during a recent interview.

Asked for her take on Donald Trump’s candidacy, Carey was less enthusiastic, darting her eyes, turning her cheek just a hair and telling the reporter, “I’d like to abstain from that question,” before letting out an elongated chuckle.


Watch the clip below.