Marianne Williamson Implies Mike Pence Is Gay

"Well, there are all kinds of theories about that, aren’t there?"

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson is known for making bold statements. It helped her gain attention during her first debate but has also brought in a heavy dose of criticism over her unorthodox candidacy.

Tonight she will take the stage for her second Democratic presidential debate, in Detroit, Michigan, where she will likely drop at least one or two quotable moments on viewers, if her past performance is any indication, as well as her tendency to speak off-the-cuff in interviews.

Marianne Williamson Democratic debate
Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Williamson in the first Democratic debate.

While speaking with the Washington Blade last week, in a wide-ranging interview, reporter Chris Johnson asked her why she thought Vice President Mike Pence “seems so uncomfortable with the idea of gay rights?”

“Well, there are all kinds of theories about that, aren’t there?” she asked, laughing, in what the publication characterized as a reference to “rumors that Pence is himself gay without explicitly saying so.”

“Everyone can have their own—can have their own [theories]. I have no idea, but I have a sense that other people do.”

Williamson also said that when it comes to LGBTQ rights and the Trump administration, she is most concerned with the transgender military ban, calling it “particularly egregious, because these are people who have volunteered to give their lives if necessary.”

“The idea that you would actually reject someone who has offered to sacrifice their life on your behalf is such an emotional and psychological assault, in addition to being an assault on their rights as American citizens.”

Earlier this month, Patti LuPone faced criticism for telling Sen. Lindsey Graham to “come out.”

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