Marie Miller’s Awesome Music is like Mumford and Daughters

Marie Miller

Marie Miller

Everyone! I have important news! Sometimes, if you just scroll around through the genre pages on iTunes, you can find amazing songs you’ve never heard before. For instance, a few weeks ago I was digging through new arrivals on the country page, and I not only found this beautiful, unfairly ignored ballad by LeAnn Rimes, but also discovered “You’re Not Alone” by Marie Miller.

(watch the the video for “You’re Not Alone” below)


Now I had never heard of Marie Miller before, but after listening to a sample of this song, I was ready to learn. It’s actually ridiculous that “You’re Not Alone,” which is about a woman insisting she can help a friend in need, has been classified as a country song. It’s obviously in the vein of folk revival artists Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling, and the Lumineers. The rolling rhythms of the drums and acoustic guitars—not to mention the slightly low-fi sound of the backing vocals, which suggest a bunch of people are shouting along from the back of the studio—drop me into that rootsy sweet spot. And I think I hear a mandolin in there? And definitely a plinky piano. Add it all up, and you get a foot-stomping, back-porch jam.

Vocally, Miller reminds me of Gemma Hayes, who dropped some amazing songs and albums in the mid-aughts. Miller’s voice has more of a falsetto break, but their slightly exaggerated phrasing and obvious love of stretching a note could make them cousins.

The point is: Marie Miller seems to have the goods, and I’m glad I stumbled across her music. According to her sparse Wikipedia page—which has a lot more info on it than her official website, by the way—she plays a ton of instruments and had some early success as a Christian pop singer, which would explain her gorgeous folk interpretation of “Silent Night.” And which could make her the folk rock Katy Perry. So wrap your mind around that.

Mark Blankenship doesn’t even have a back porch in his apartment, but if he did, he would totally jam there. He tweets as @IAmBlankenship.