Marina And The Diamonds Gets Homoerotic, Goes ‘Glee’: Exclusive Interview

Our favorite thing about Marina and the Diamonds new hit “How to be a Heartbreaker” is that the music video features Danish underwear models dancing around naked in the shower. Yeah, it’s amazing. Apparently other networks don’t share our enthusiasm and deem the video “too homoerotic” to be played on-air. Thankfully, MTV is not one of them and we were able to chat with the British pop sensation about her new song and shooting the video’s steamy shower scenes (no pun intended).

“How to be a Heartbreaker” is super catchy and the folks over at Glee agree. The song is being covered on tonight’s brand new episode by the talented Lea Michelle and her character’s current beau Brody, played by Dean Geyer.

Watch above as the lovable Brit talks about playing love games, Glee¬†and why having a “homoerotic” music video is fabulous.

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