Mario Cantone’s Scaramucci Says Goodbye To Donald Trump With A Passionate Kiss

"Do I really have to go? Now that our love is so new?"

Mario Cantone had a short run playing former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci—since “the Mooch” only lasted 10 days in his role.

Cantone debuted his impression on last week’s The President Show on Comedy Central and gave a memorable farewell to Scaramucci on last night’s episode. Trump (Anthony Atamanuik) gave a tearful goodbye to Cantone’s Scaramucci in the Oval Office—complete with a kiss.

Comedy Central

“Do I really have to go? Now that our love is so new?” asked Scaramucci. “At least now I can go see my wife and newborn son,” he says before he breaks down in hysterical laughter over the thought.

Scaramucci walks over to leave the White House, but before exiting, he locks lips with Trump as a disgusted Mike Pence (Peter Grosz) covers his eyes.

Their love was real. Too bad the romance couldn’t last. Watch the clip below and bid a final farewell to Cantone’s Scaramucci.

The President Show airs Thursdays at 11:30/10:30c on Comedy Central.

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