Maroon 5's Adam Levine Naked (Almost). And It's All for Your Prostate! Plus, Nigel Barker & Shayne Ward, Too!

Should Maroon 5’s album be called “Hands All Under”???

That fine-looking ladies’ man/Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine is naked. In a magazine. But yes, there’s some girl’s hands covering his private bits, and apparently it’s all somehow invovled with raising awareness for prostate cancer. See… Adam loves your prostate and wants to make sure it’s happy! Such a nice boy…

The pics are from Cosmopolitan, and if you go to the UK Cosmopolitan site you actually get to stumble through a whole series of naked (or sort of naked) male celebs. Many are stars of Brit soaps or reality shows you’ve never heard. But have a look if you like nude-ish blokes.

Gracias, Adam… Our happy prostates thank you very much. Feel free to make a personal visit to them soon!

(Psssst. You can see Adam and his Maroon 5 bandmates on VH1 during the Critics Choice Movie Awards on Friday, Jan 14th at 9pm; they’re gonna be the house band. But they’ll probably be clothed.) :-(

After the jump, Nigel Barker and Brit X-Factor hottie Shayne Ward nekked-ish!!!! And some guys who likes pineapples.

Also from Cosmo UK, America’s Next Top Model photog Nigel Barker is totally smiling at us with his eyes. And he may be winking at us too… But there’s a towel in the way.

Shayne Ward is a popstar in the UK thanks to winning X-Factor a year or two ago. And thanks no doubt to his sexy good looks. We’ll even forgive his cheesy tribal tattoos, since he’s so nice to look at. And he’s got an album coming to the US, FYI.

And this guy is Louie Spence, who’s some kind of British TV star thanks to a show called Pineapple Dance Studios. Ouch. What do you think hurts more: That prickly fruit or Louie’s snarl?

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