Marvel Cinematic Universe Gets Its First Lesbian Character With Carrie Anne Moss

The "Matrix" star plays a high-power lawyer cheating on her girlfriend in the upcoming Netflix series.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige told Collider some months ago that we’d see a LGBT character in a Marvel film or TV show “within the decade, or sooner.”

Well, it’s definitely sooner: At New York Comic Con last weekend, attendees met Carrie-Ann Moss (Matrix), who will play a lesbian character on Jessica Jones, the new series coming to Netflix on November 20.

Krysten-Ritter- jessica jones

The show stars Krysten Ritter as Jones, a former superhero who gave up her tights to become a private detective.

Moss will play Jeri Hogarth, a high-powered lawyer who happens to be Jessica’s employer. And she’s not just the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first lesbian character, she’s also cheating on her girlfriend with another woman.

Interestingly, the character was originally “Jeryn Hogarth,” a man, when he was introduced in Marvel Comics back in the 1970s.

Hogarth follows on the heels of Joey Gutierrez, a gay Inhuman who debuted this month on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. And Jones herself is hinted to have a somewhat fluid sexuality when the show debuts.

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